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The Classic Checkerboard Floor is making a Comeback!

When we observe nature, there are so many repeating patterns, whether it’s the scales on a snake or the petals on a flower, so it’s no surprise that, as humans, throughout history, we have tried to copy this by using patterns on floors and walls. One pattern that has always been popular is checkered tiles. Checks create a timeless and classic pattern. This kind of pattern can elevate a space adding interest and depth to a plain floor without making it feel like a busy, cluttered space. Even over time and changes in décor, the pattern can adapt, making it a great long-term investment.

As a luxury vinyl tile fitter in Walsall, All Floor One recently fitted Harvey Maria Heritage Colour Squares in Stove Black and in Linen White. Before we fitted the tiles, we ensured that the subfloor was correctly prepared by applying a layer of F Ball Stopgap 1200 Pro Smoothing Underlayment. This guarantees a level floor to put the luxury vinyl tiles on top of. As a luxury vinyl tile fitter in Walsall, we understand that if you want a professional finish, taking the necessary steps to prepare the subfloor is essential.

We then fitted 9-inch luxury vinyl tiles on top, which we laid in a sequence to create a stunning checkerboard effect. If you want to create this kind of effect, it’s important that you order equal amounts of each colour tile. This can be a bit complicated. As a luxury vinyl tile fitter in Walsall, we will always order extra tiles to allow for cuts that cause some wastage.

The kitchen was a gorgeous dark green, which is unfortunately hard to make out in the pictures, but the checkerboard floor perfectly complimented it. You can see the finished look in the photographs attached.

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