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Subfloor Preparation

A good floor fit starts with correct subfloor preparation. Trying to lay a floor with incorrect or even no preparation is like trying to build a house on shaky foundations, unlikely to last. From experience we have found that most issues encountered with floors, more often than not, are down to poor preparation.

Old floor coverings need to be removed correctly; this can often be the hardest part of the whole process. If fully bonded down stripping machinery may be needed.

Wooden floors normally need some sort of over-boarding, this can either be a plywood application fixed to the subfloor and made suitable for bonding to or we have even used some ‘floating’ boarding applications where necessary.

On occasion solid subfloors may need mechanical work such as shotblasting or diamond grinding. This can be either to remove adhesives, contaminants or even surface layers from certain types of floors such as power-floated concrete or anhydrite/calcium sulphite floors.

Moisture tests are a must for any flooring installation. Then any damp from old subfloors (pre 1965) and construction moisture from new subfloors must be controlled using moisture inhibiting products.

Some floors need levelling, smoothing or repair work. We work along with and use a variety of products from leading subfloor preparation product companies to offer a full range of subfloor preparation techniques and services.

At All Floor One there aren’t many subfloors we haven’t seen or problems we haven’t encountered, so have confidence were able to handle almost anything you throw at us. However if you do have something new, we’ll happily do the research and do what’s needed to get you floors you love.

I have over 15 years experience and have completed over 400 jobs in the last 4 years.

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