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New Flooring in a New Build!

Did you know that in 2023 there were estimated to be 173,000 new homes built in England? A lot of these new build properties have a new type of subfloor that instead of being cementitious, is gypsum or calcium sulphite-based. These are sometimes called Agilia or flow screeds. When poured, these floors form a laitance. This is an easily crumbled layer on the surface of concrete, which consists of cement and fine aggregates that, over time, rise to the surface. This creates a weak layer on top.

Most manufacturers specify that this layer is ground off 7-14 days after the initial pour. Sadly, not many house builders do this, meaning the floor is left unsuitable to pour self-leveling smoothing compounds on top. You can grind the laitance off and carry on as normal at a later date, however, when the house is at a finished standard, most householders don’t like this messy option because it can create a lot of dust.

As a luxury vinyl tile fitter in Fradley, Lichfield, All Floor One has experience of installing flooring in new-build properties, and we would generally recommend a click LVT on floors that have problems with laitance, as we did for this customer. The hard-wearing elements of luxury vinyl tiles are a good option because they don’t need quite the same level of subfloor preparation.

Our clients chose to have Pro- Tek luxury click vinyl flooring in some of the rooms downstairs, which included the kitchen and dining area. We teamed this with matching beading and door bars. It’s these details and finishing touches that you can expect from a professional luxury vinyl tile fitter in Fradley, Lichfield.

Our clients opted for wood effect vinyl flooring, which has the natural appearance and texture of real wood combined with the benefits of engineered vinyl, which means it is waterproof and extremely durable, making it a great choice for the rooms that we installed it in. You can see the finished results from the photographs included.

Living in a New Build and Need a Luxury Vinyl Tile Fitter in Fradley, Lichfield?

If you have recently moved into a new build property, with our knowledge and experience as a luxury vinyl tile fitter in Fradley, Lichfield, we can help and advise you on the right flooring to use in your home.

To find out more about the choice of flooring available to you and what’s involved in the installation process, give All Floor One a ring on 07594 123400.

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