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Need your kitchen floor levelling out and brought to the same height, Floor Fitter in Lichfield, All Floor One can help!

As an experienced luxury vinyl floor fitter in Lichfield, we have the skills and expertise to create a seamless join between two floors that may be of slightly differing heights. We did this recently for a client in Lichfield.

Aimee wanted new flooring in her kitchen. The kitchen had been tiled, however when the previous floor had been laid, they hadn’t put any tiles in the two small bays where the washing machine and fridge sat. Our customer wanted the whole kitchen floor at one height, so the two 60cm squares where the appliances sat, needed raising to the same height as the rest of the kitchen, and she needed a floor fitter in Lichfield to help.

As the two small bays were at a different height, we had to deep fill screed using Ardex products to raise the height of them. Screed was then applied over the top of this to create a smooth surface over the original tiles and the deep fill sections.

Once all the key elements of preparing the subfloor had been completed and the floor had been levelled out, as a luxury vinyl floor fitter in Lichfield, we were then able to get on with fitting the luxury vinyl flooring. Our client had chosen Natural Solutions Carina Casablanca Oak parquet blocks in a herringbone pattern, which we installed with a traditional two-brick border. You can see what the new kitchen floor looks like from the photographs included.

Do You Need the Help of a Luxury Vinyl Floor Fitter in Lichfield?

With All Floor One, fitting luxury vinyl flooring so it runs seamlessly between one room and another, or that the whole floor in one room is brought to the same height, is all part of our expertise as a professional floor fitter in Lichfield. When the floor height needs to be raised in a room, we have the experience and training to know exactly what to do to rectify the problem. Having a wealth of experience as a floor fitter in Lichfield, we know the best way to create the right transition between any flooring in your home.

As a luxury vinyl floor fitter in Lichfield, we also know what type of flooring would work best in the room that you have chosen. We can discuss the various options available and work within your budget.

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