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Living Room Transformation with Beautiful Karndean Flooring

Carpet has traditionally been a favourite living room flooring choice. It may be soft underfoot but it’s not always ideal for the busy footfall this room receives. That’s why more and more people prefer hard floor covering such as wood or luxury vinyl flooring. They are easier to clean and maintain and more resistant to stains, which makes them a good practical choice. Although luxury vinyl installation costs are initially higher than carpet, luxury vinyl tiles not only last longer but if a section gets damaged it can be easily replaced so, in the long term, it costs less.

All Floor One recently worked for a customer who had carpet in her living room. She decided she needed both style and longevity so changed to luxury vinyl flooring and chose Karndean Art Select Bracken. The Art Select range is the top Karndean range so is the very best quality and durability that they offer. Luxury vinyl tiles can create an inviting, homely feel that will last for many years to come.

Our customer had some large sofas that she was unable to move herself. It was a tight space and there was nowhere else in the house that the furniture could be moved to while we replaced the flooring. Because her subfloor was wood and therefore required boarding not a screed we were able to save her the stress of figuring out what to do and simply worked around them.

As a Karndean fitter in Derby, we started the process by uplifting the carpet and disposing of it. We Ply lined the living room floor with Hanson’s SP101 6mm flooring grade plywood, fixed to British standards. We feathered the joints to smooth out any imperfections and cover the fixings. As a Karndean fitter in Derby, it’s these little additions that ensure a quality finish.

Once we had prepared the subfloot, we were able to fix the Karndean flooring into place. We fitted the luxury vinyl tiles in straight lay plank. It’s a simple but effective pattern with clean, straight lines that create a contemporary feel. Bars were fitted with mitres around the fireplace. You can see from the photographs included, how the room was transformed by replacing the carpet with Karndean Flooring.

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