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Make Your home Appear Bigger by Using One Type of New Flooring in Aldridge, Walsall!

All Floor One recently fitted new flooring in Aldridge, Walsall. Our client had recently had a new roof placed on their conservatory, making this part of the house a much more useable room that could be enjoyed all year round. As a result, they had a wall knocked down to create a large open living space that combined the original lounge with the conservatory. They wanted a new floor to complete the feel of it being one room. As a floor fitter in Aldrige, Walsall, we know from our many years of experience that using the same flooring in two different rooms or spaces can link them together, creating a cohesive feel. It will also make the area look larger. Choosing your flooring is a big decision, so we can recommend what type of new flooring in Aldridge, Walsall, that we think would work in the room or rooms that you have.

To begin installing the new flooring in Aldridge, Walsall, the existing wooden subfloor was over-boarded with 6mm Hansons SP101 Flooring Grade Ply. Other companies sometimes use cheap plywood thinking it doesn’t matter, however we only ever use Sp101 because it is specifically designed for flooring. It has 100% lamination making it perfectly suited for its intended purpose… to be walked on. It’s these details that ensure you get the quality finish you would expect from a professional floor fitter in Aldrige, Walsall

We always fix our Ply to British standards, well over 150 fixings on a normal 8×4 2.88m sheet. Then, using a feather compound, usually F.Ball 500 Micro or Ardex Feather Edge, we trowel over the joins between boards and the fixings themselves, leaving a perfectly smooth finish. This is then sanded down and primed ready for gluing out.

This customer chose J2 Flooring RT08 Lime Washed Timber to be laid at a 45-degree angle with a border. Mitred corners and the high level of variation in this particular design from J2 really made the whole room pop. You can see what the flooring looks like from the photographs attached.

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