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As a floor fitter in Walsall, All Floor One was asked by a client to fit new flooring at their house in The Delves, Walsall. This was done in two stages. The initial stage included fitting new flooring into three bedrooms and in the hall upstairs, while simultaneously installing new flooring in two rooms and two hallways downstairs. After our first visit we recently returned to complete the second stage: to lay new flooring in one of the few areas left to do – the stairs. Before we started the work, a decorator had prepared the staircase by painting it white.

Our clients decided to have luxury vinyl tiles. Being a luxury vinyl tile fitter in Walsall, All Floor One know that this is a great choice since luxury vinyl tiles are hardwearing and robust making them the ideal option for the areas in your home with the highest footfall. From the wide range of luxury vinyl tiles available they opted for Karndean Art Select Winter Oak RL04 which matched the new flooring in the hallway. They wanted to have the luxury vinyl tiles fitted onto the tread and nosing of the stairs.

Every nose on each step had an Ali wrap nosing by Stairrods UK Ltd fitted. These are a revolutionary product that fits to the existing bullnose (overhang) tread without squaring off the nosing or building out the riser. The nosings come in a range of colours and finishes. Our clients opted to have brass finish. For part of the installation process, we used Styccoflex adhesive and Spax-M self-drilling screws which were supplied by Stairrods UK Ltd.

Working as a luxury vinyl tile fitter in Walsall on this project, the next stage of fitting the tiles was to cut them to shape/size. They were then heated and bent into shape allowing a fully bonded LVT to be fitted around the nosing of each step. Getting the angles right where each bar met the newel post on the stair winders presented a particular challenge but not a problem when you are an experienced floor fitter in Walsall. The only change came with the bottom step. For this we used a Stairrods Bendy Bull. This particular bar is made in such a way that it can be bent in-situ to suit the specific staircase in a property. If you’re particularly interested in how all these nosings work, check out the YouTube videos Stairrods UK Ltd provide. Again, LVT can be heated, bent and stuck into the nosing.

The final part of the installation process was to fit and fix 6mm Sp101 Hansons plywood behind each nosing on the tread of the stairs. The luxury vinyl tiles are then fitted, using Karndean universal adhesive, to all the treads tight to the nosings. As you can see from the photographs attached the final finish is very striking and something, as a floor fitter in Walsall, that we’re proud to have been part of.

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If you would like to replace the existing flooring in one or more rooms in your home, we can help. We can fit new flooring in several rooms in one go or one room at a time over a period of weeks or months depending on your budget and timescales. While we are a luxury vinyl tile fitter in Walsall, we can fit a wide range of other types of flooring.
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