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Luxury Vinyl Tiles in Brownhills Create a Modern Look in a Conservatory and Kitchen!

All Floor One, LVT fitter in Brownhills, recently fitted new luxury vinyl flooring in the conservatory and kitchen of a house in Brownhills.

While concrete might appear solid and hard, in reality it is moist and porous. Years after it has been laid and has set, moisture can continue to pass out of the concrete. It can also absorb and transfer ground moisture. As an LVT fitter in Brownhills, we know that when working with a concrete subfloor, it’s important to measure moisture levels before any flooring is fitted and that appropriate steps are taken to prepare the base. If there are high moisture levels, this can affect the adhesive making it more likely that the luxury vinyl tiles will lose their bond and start to lift.

Tracey had a house with an original slab showing high moisture readings and a new slab in a newly built conservatory which also had high moisture readings. Before we began the installation process, we confirmed with our client, that the two sl\abs had been tied together correctly. Some large channels in the original floor needed filling with a repair mortar. We laid a moisture tolerant smoothing underlayment, Ardex NA, across the whole area creating one smooth surface. As a professional LVT fitter in Brownhills, we know that preparation is an integral part of the process to ensure a quality finish, and that’s why at All Floor One, we take our time and never rush a job.

The next stage of installing the luxury vinyl tiles in Brownhills, was to apply a full epoxy damp proof membrane, Ardex DPM 1C, to take care of any moisture issues. This was followed by a coat of Ardex primer and another smoothing underlayment leaving a smooth, perfectly moisture safe surface ready for the luxury vinyl tiles in Brownhills to fit nicely on top.

The final stage was to fit the J2 ST03 Fossil Limestone luxury vinyl tiles that our client had chosen. These were laid through the whole area with a 1ft step and a J2 ST1 cotton stone grout strip. As you can see from the photographs attached, the new flooring created a modern look with a classic feel.

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