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Whether it’s One Room or Several, as an Luxury Vinyl Tile Fitter in Clayhanger, Brownhills, All Floor One Have Got It Covered!

Many of our clients are so happy with our workmanship and so pleased with the results that, as a floor fitter in Clayhanger, Brownhills, they ask All floor One to return to fit flooring in other rooms of the house. An example of this was a recent project we completed in Clayhanger, Brownhills. It was the second new floor that we had installed for Steve and his family.

As an Luxury Vinyl Tile fitter in Clayhanger, Brownhills, we had originally fitted new luxury vinyl flooring in the kitchen. Once the flooring was in place, our clients liked it so much they decided to have the same flooring throughout the rest of the downstairs of the house. This included the hall, WC, front room, living room and conservatory. Extending the flooring into several rooms can link the various spaces together, creating a cohesive feel. It can also make the whole area look bigger than it is. It’s these kind of design tricks that, as a floor fitter in Clayhanger, Brownhills, we can recommend.

The house was a relatively modern property with a functioning DPM in the slab meaning the preparation was nice and easy. The only corrective measure required was to a conservatory slab (that was correctly tied in) that needed some minor repair mortar in the crack between. Once this had been done, we applied a coat of Ardex p121 primer. This is an essential part of preparing the floor for the vinyl tiles to go on to. It is used to prepare the subbase prior to applying a floor screed. Being an LVT fitter in Clayhanger, Brownhills, we understand that getting the best results out of the flooring you choose along with a near perfect professional finish starts with correctly preparing the subfloor.

After the primer had dried, we applied Ardex NA self-levelling smoothing underlayment in the hall, WC, front room, living room and conservatory. As an LVT fitter in Clayhanger, Brownhills, we know that if you plan to have vinyl flooring in your home it is essential that you have a smooth flat surface to lay it over, and a floor screed ensures this.

Having applied the primer and then the levelling compound, we fitted the luxury vinyl flooring. Our clients had opted for J2 flooring Rustic Textures RT07 Warm Oak which covered all the downstairs. We laid the tiles at 45 degrees with a 5mm RT03 brushed walnut design strip inlayed inside a border.

The family specifically requested that the 3 rooms had the borders running through the double doors so that with the doors open it felt like one large area. However, for the hall and WC the borders were ran separately, breaking off in the doorways, to give the hall a sense of completeness.

To see what the rooms looked like once the flooring had been fitted, take a look at the photographs included.

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