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Luxury Vinyl Tiles Fitted in Kitchen Showroom as part of Commercial Flooring Project.

As a commercial floor fitter in Sutton Coldfield, All Floor One recently completed a large commercial job in Streetly, Sutton Coldfield. Broadway Kitchens were moving their showroom and wanted a stylish yet understated looking floor to complement the various styles of kitchens on display.

The new commercial flooring had to meet several requirements. It needed to be something that would complement, not draw attention away from their wares, yet be versatile enough to work with a wide range of styles, some traditional and some contemporary.

The showroom at Broadway Kitchens had mock kitchens positioned throughout, so we fitted the commercial flooring at 45 degrees from the entrance, which resulted in some displays sitting on 45-degree flooring and some on straight lay plank. By doing this, we were able to emulate different layouts, in different kitchens, all from the same floor.

Before laying the flooring, we repaired cracks in the subfloor, primed with F Ball P131 primer, and laid over 30 bags of F Ball 1200 pro smoothing underlayment. Using F Ball F46 pressure sensitive adhesive, we fit Polyflor luxury vinyl tiles over the subfloor. Luxury vinyl tiles are a great choice for commercial flooring. The luxury vinyl tiles that our clients chose perfectly replicated the look of real wood, and as robust and hard-wearing flooring, they are the ideal choice for a kitchen showroom where there would be heavy footfall.

The next part of the installation process was to fit matting at both the front entrance and staff entrance of the building using chrome carpet bars with mitred corners. This will: protect the LVT floors from wear, remove excessive moisture from shoes, prevent slipping in a commercial setting, reduce cleaning needed, and it actually looks good while providing all of these benefits.

As a commercial floor fitter in Sutton Coldfield, we have the skills and experience to install flooring in both large and small spaces. We relish taking on more challenging projects like this one, where we had to fit the flooring to work with the positioning of the various kitchens. To see the process we followed to fit the luxury vinyl tiles and what it looked like once completed, check out the photographs attached.

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